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Rodopi Avendurun | ROUT 100 | Greece | Kristian Morgan’s ‘best kept secret’ ultra

Kristian Morgan shares his best kept secret ultra, the Rodopi Avendurun 100 in the NE of Greece. Wild wilderness area, great organization, small and intimate.


The Rodopi Avendurun 100 mile race takes place in the Rodopi mountains in northern Greece (Rhodope in Bulgaria). Considered a back-to-basics race, ROUT doesn’t run through populated areas full of spectators. A field of about 200 participants runs through near virgen forest. The mountains peak at just over 2,000m but the terrain is a beauty.

Wild Trails in Rodopi mtns
Wild Trails in Rodopi mtns

Kristian Morgan shares his experience at the race and some philosophy of Ultrarunning. He also recently announced his intention for a new FKT on the Appalachian Trail next year.

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Kristos (RD) and Kristian Morgan
Kristos (RD) and Kristian Morgan

Visiting Rodopi Mountains:

Trigrad Gorge Rodopi - by Nikola Gruev
Trigrad Gorge – by Nikola Gruev

The forest area is known for deep river gorges, large caves and specifically, nearby in southern Bulgaria, the Trigrad Gorge.

Devil's Throat Cave by Y. Drasil
Devil’s Throat Cave by Y. Drasil




At the bottom of the Trigrad Gorge, the Devil’s Throat Cave is a popular destination. Legend is that angels who had shared forbidden knowledge with humanity were banished there.



From wikipedia:

The Rodopi mountains have a rich cultural heritage including ancient Thracian sites such as Perperikon, Tatuland Belintash, and medieval castles, churches, monasteries and picturesque villages.

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