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Kristian Morgan | Pacing Karel Sabbe’s Appalachian Trail FKT #findyourtrail

in the 50th anniversary of the National Trail System, we peek into what it was like to pace the amazing speed of Karel Sabbe's FKT of the Appalachian Trail. Kristian Morgan, an elite British Ultrarunner, shares his perspective of 15 days accompanying the Belgian.

The US National Trails System celebrates 50 years this week! #findyourtrail

With the passage of the National Trails System Act in 1968, America was given a gift – the creation and protection of some of Americans’ favorite places to discover the great outdoors. Trails that celebrate outdoor adventure such as the Appalachian Trail and trails that allow us to walk through history, such as the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail.

– www.trails50.org

In this day and age, we expect FKT’s to be established by a few hours, marathon records to be a matter of seconds or a minute. Human performance is peaking, so they say. So it came as a shock when Karel Sabbe broke the Appalachian Trail FKT by 4 days! Submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for recognition.

We met Kristian Morgan at UTMB and were enchanted by the story of the Appalachian Trail FKT and how he shared many miles with Karel. An inside perspective where the awe of Karel’s feat wasn’t lost on humility – something that surely would be faced had we spoken directly to Karel.

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Kristian coaches runners out of South London and consistently stands on podiums when he races. His 18 years of helping runners be their best has been fine tuned through living in Kenya and studying Kenyan performance. You can find him at www.kristianultra.com

KristianMorgan @kristianultra
KristianMorgan @kristianultra



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