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Jordi Gamito wins the Everest Trail Race 2018

Dominating from start to finish, he becomes the first non-Nepali runner to win the race. In the female category - the local runner, Purminaya Rai, claims final victory.


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Only 27 km remained to finish this edition of the Everest Trail Race. From the start Gamito has managed to control himself and has made it quietly to the top without getting risky. In addition, he has known how to take care of himself from falls or setbacks that could spoil the party. He arrived at Lukla after 4:22:30 of the race in the hands of his teammate (The Elements) Manu Vilaseca, confirming an impressive and very intelligent race, as well as a spectacular end of the season, in which we have seen him on the podium of many  great races: UTMB, UP, Reunion. After him, in the general category, Sergio Arias, who has given 100% day after day, and who has been less than 2 hours behind (1:53:28) Gamito. In third position of the general, Joan Soler, at 2:47:06 of the first and to which the setback of the first day has taken its toll throughout the race.

Joan Soler won the final stage in 3:32:21, reaching Lukla 7 minutes before a very emotional Nepalese, Pasang Sherpa, who was fourth in the overall 2:56:08 behind Gamito. After Pasang, came the third overall, Sergio Arias, wanting to finish the race with a podium on this stage.

In the women’s race Purnimaya Rai controlled the race since the second stage in which she gained the lead. After the Pikey Peak stage, the time separating her and Manu Vilaseca increased, second in the general and, quite a gap to third, the Briton Rebecca Ferry. Rai, being of short stature, has an enviable engine, as we have seen her in top positions in almost all stages: in stage 5 passed CP1 in seventh place overall. In the final stage she fell but despite this, still finished in sixth position overall. Behind her, Manu Vilaseca, hand in hand with her teammate Gamito, entered the finish line at 4:22:29. Behind the first two, the Briton Rebecca Ferry, at 5:07:58. The final women’s team has remained the same as most of the stages, victory of the Nepalese Rai, followed by Manu Vilaseca, very close, and Rebecca Ferry.

The strength that Jordi Gamito has had throughout the race, has been very solid, perhaps even too much compared to the rest of the rivals. In addition, the Nepalese Rai and Manu Vilaseca finished seventh and eighth overall. Rebecca Ferry also stands out in 14th overall.

A day of skin crawling excitement, endorphins at their peak after crossing the finish line in Lukla. Located at the entrance of the town, where the slope that gives access to the city ends, next to the door with two heads, one on each side, of Pasang Lhamu. Lhamu was the first Nepalese to climb Everest, originally from Surke, a town near Karikhola (not far from Lukla), climbed the top of the highest mountain in 1993, fate wasn’t kind on the descent, and he lost his life. Lhamu, welcomes every runner that finishes the stage and every traveler or person who leaves the town through that door, bids him farewell.

The race organizers welcomed each runner upon arrival at the finish line, all of them individually, and a kata is placed around their necks, which generates a feeling of community greater than in other competitions. The effort, the hours of competition, the companionship, the technical terrain, the sleepiness, the cold, the altitude, the bad and the good moments, everything, bubbles up in the arrival to Lukla, perhaps one of the most emotional finishes of the panorama of racing worldwide. The race itself unleashes many emotions, the mystical environment of Nepal piques those feelings and the possibility of enjoying the spectacular landscapes of Nepal, seeing some of the highest peaks of the planet, do the rest.

Results from the final stage:

Men: Joan Soler, Pasang Sherpa, Sergio Arias.
Women:  Purnimaya Rai, Manu Vilaseca, Rebecca Ferry.

The weather was capricious throughout the day, with very thick fog at the beginning of the day, which complicated air traffic in Lukla. The cold has been the predominant theme. All participants made the cut-offs and throughout the entire race there was only one drop at the first stage.


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